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Protecting people from sand and dust storms

“Protecting people from sand a dust storms” is an amazing video produced by World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

After showing images of a duststorm shot in the Sahel in 2016, the video highlights the prediction capacity of the Barcelona Dust Forecast Center, the first Center designated by WMO for atmospheric sand and dust forecast.


Enric Terradellas, from the State Meteorological Agency of Spain, explains that WMO launched in 2007 the Sand and Dust Storm – Warning Advisory and Assessment System in response to the adverse impacts of airborne dust on air quality, human health, the environment and diverse socio-economic sectors.


Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General, claims the need for the information to reach national and local organizations and for capacity building so that predictions can help mitigate the adverse impacts of dust.


Xiaoye Zhang, from the China Meteorological Administration, discusses the adverse effects of dust in Asia and the role of prediction for its prevention and mitigation. He also stands out the work done on the SDS-WAS




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