PACE Air Quality & Applied Atmospheric Sciences Focus Session


Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, ocean Ecosystems (PACE) will benefit society by delivering high-quality observations of our ocean and atmosphere. Its innovative design and cutting-edge technology are designed to study the earth in new ways and deliver a variety of science data products.

A key activity is the PACE Applications Program, which engages individuals and groups to use PACE data for their projects. We work with you — scientists, policy makers, public health practitioners, and industry professionals — to apply PACE data to practical societal needs. The goal of the PACE Applications Program is to foster new partnerships and out-of-the-box thinking that will generate inventive solutions that aid society. These efforts support the NASA Applied Sciences Program.

We will strive to effectively transition individuals and groups from being potential users to those who actively employ PACE observations to address environmental issues. Individuals or organizations in both communities can be public or private, federal or regional entities, with local, national, or international scopes for their applications. PACE Applications promotes justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, routine outreach and communication, capacity building, implementing and iterating on feedback, as well as the coordination of diverse partners and user communities.

This one-day virtual event invites active participation and round-table discussion on future uses of PACE satellite data products to support research & applied sciences in the context of air quality and atmospheric sciences.

Focus Session Goals:

  • Increase awareness of PACE data, research, and applications.
  • Understand the challenges that air professionals may experience when using PACE data; identify ways to address data barriers before launch.
  • Explore advanced & exploratory PACE products that may add value to the research & applied science community.
  • PACE community development, encouraging engagement/inclusivity with the user community, other earth missions, resource managers, decision-makers, and capacity development.

11 May 2022



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NASA Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, ocean Ecosystem (PACE) missioN

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Barcelona Dust Regional Center