MAC-CLIMA Workshop on SDS-WAS West Africa: Cabo Verde



In the framework of the MAC-CLIMA Interreg project, AEMET (State Meteorological Agency of Spain) has organized a online workshop on mineral dust forecast and observational products aimed at meteorologists and technicians of INMG (Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia e Geofísica of Cabo Verde).

This workshop is part of the first phase of the development of a SDS warning system for all western and northern African countries. This system is based on the pilot project of a warning advisory system successfully working in Burkina Faso since October 2018.

An outline of the content and objectives of the workshop is provided below:


More than 500 million people live in West and Northern Africa, a region stretching from the Gulf of Guinea in the west to the Red Sea in the east and covering areas such as the Sahara desert and the Sahel. The Sahara is the most extensive desert on Earth and the main emission source of mineral dust into the atmosphere. Airborne dust does not only affect the desert itself, but, especially in winter and spring, is dragged to densely populated areas of the Sahel and the Gulf of Guinea, where it causes a deep deterioration of air quality and triggers serious health problems. High concentrations of dust also affect agriculture, aviation, due to the drastic reduction in visibility, and other socio-economic sectors.

Workshop Objectives

The first part of the workshop will be dedicated to the forecast products and a Sand and Dust Warning Advisory System developed in the Barcelona Dust Regional Center for Cabo Verde and other African countries and how to use these products in the daily work routine of a weather forecaster team. The second part will be focused on the instrumentation provided by the project, namely a hand-held photometer and a PM sensor already installed in INMG premises.


Meteorologists and technicians of INMG


Activity 85% co-financed by European Regional Developing Fund (ERDF)

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3 February 2023




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Barcelona Dust Regional Center

Barcelona Dust Regional Center