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Report 2014

MareNostrum supercomputerBarcelona Dust Forecast Center. Activity Report 2014

Enric Terradellas, Sara Basart, José M. Baldasano and Emilio Cuevas

In May 2013, at the request of many national meteorological services and the good results obtained by the Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System, which proves the feasibility and the need to begin developing operational services beyond the scope of R&D, the World Meteorological Organization designated the consortium formed by the Spanish State Meteorological Agency and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center to create in Barcelona the first Regional Specialized Meteorological Center with activity specialization on Atmospheric Sand and Dust Forecast (RSMC-ASDF). The Barcelona Dust Forecast Center was created in February 2014 to be the first RSMC-ASDF and was publicly presented on 10 June 2014. It operationally generates and distributes predictions for Northern Africa (north of equator), Middle East and Europe.